Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spotlight on Medea Vodka

Featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times, Time Out New York, Black Book and more, Medea Vodka is revolutionizing the spirits industry with their flawless Dutch vodka, beautifully presented in a distinctive, eye-catching bottle. It's no surprise that Medea was our best selling unflavored vodka of 2011 - perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings and other special occasions, its programmable LED technology allows you to program up to six different messages, each of which can contain up to 255 characters.

The production of Medea Vodka, from the distillation to the technology, is rooted in history. Medea is created in Schiedam, Holland from the finest whole grain wheat and natural artesian water. It has been distilled sixteen times using the time-honored process of single batch distillation to ensure a crisp, clean, medium-bodied spirit. The LED display technology can be traced back 150 years to physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell. Maxwell's work, adapted to suit modern technology, can be seen on cellphones, digital cameras, Times Square billboards, and now on every bottle of Medea Vodka!

Earlier this year, Medea partnered with Times Square Chronicles to launch Charities to Benefit, a campaign dedicated to supporting the charities of choice of a number of our favorite celebrities. Each celebrity programmed the display with a special message, then autographed the bottle, so it could be auctioned off online. A few of the stars who appeared at the event are:

- Hugh Jackman (X-Men, Back on Broadway) supporting Nomad Two Worlds Foundation.
- Bernadette Peters (Gypsy, Annie Get Your Gun) supporting Broadway Barks.
- Richard Thomas (The Waltons, Race) supporting The National Meningitis Association.
- Anthony Rapp (Rent) supporting Friends in Deed.
- Phyllis Newman (Subways Are For Sleeping, Broadway Bound) supporting The Women's Health Initiative.
- Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Desperate Housewives) supporting The Alzheimer’s Foundation.
- The Cast of The Fantasticks (Edward Watts, Juliette Trafton, MacIntyre Dixon, Dan Sharkey & Matt Leisy) supporting Bide-a-wee.

Signed bottles of Medea Vodka

Suzanna Bowling, publisher of the Times Square Chronicles, first had the idea for this unique fundraiser when she saw a bottle of Medea Vodka. It reminded her of the lights in the heart of the theater district, and soon after Charities to Benefit was born.

"Suzanna experienced a "eureka" moment when she saw the Medea bottle for the first time in December, from which a great positive force of creative and enlightened energy emerged to result in a truly beautiful campaign for the betterment of lives," says Matt Sandy, co-creator of Medea Spirits. "Where there's a will there's a way and we're blessed to live in today's world where unbridled creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit are the key drivers for a better tomorrow."

Charities to Benefit is a year long initiative with new celebrities and new charities added every few weeks. Visit Charities to Benefit to place your bids, but we're warning you, Hugh Jackman's autographed bottle is expected to rake in $50,000! If you're looking for a bottle of Medea Vodka that won't be anywhere near as pricy, you can visit us at DrinkUpNY.com to place your order. You can also purchase the Medea Vodka Holiday Pack and receive free programming!

The next release from Medea Spirits is the Medea "Observe", featuring an interactive, rechargeable LCD display that comes pre-loaded with photos and videos. You will also be able to upload your own via a standard USB, to create a gift that's truly personalized. The release date is still "to be determined", but we'll keep you updated with news of its release!

Cheers from DrinkUpNY!

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