Friday, March 9, 2012

Spotlight on Dumante Verdenoce

Handcrafted in small batches in southern Italy, Dumante Verdenoce is a unique premium liqueur produced in a facility along the Amalfi Coast that has been making natural spirits since the 19th century. Real pistachios, vanilla, and other natural ingredients are infused in an Italian molasses-based spirit, creating a rich, aromatic liqueur with a long, complex finish.

Dumante is the brain-child of Howard Sturm, a tax attorney and certified public accountant who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He decided to take advantage of living in the "Bourbon Belt" and set out to make the first-ever ultra-premium pistachio liqueur. Says Sturm, "My market research showed me that no one had really done this before, and my passion drove me to create the first-to-market pistachio liqueur." Sturm and his business partner, Paul Paletti, feel that living in Louisville gave them an advantage. "With lots of industry professionals in the area, it helped us to procure talent to help realize our goal," he says.

However, creating the right formula took patience. They first tried to do the infusions with neutral grain spirit, but there was something lacking from the final product. Someone who worked with a vodka brand suggested using molasses-based alcohol, which not only produced the ideal flavor, but also made the product even more authentically Italian. The molasses base helps to integrate the flavors and also reduces the sugar content, which prevents the liqueur from being overly sweet.

The pistachio dates back to the Palaeozoic period, where it was found in settlements in the Neolith that existed around 6760 B.C. Since these ancient days, pistachios have been associated with royalty and have been considered a liaison to love. Legend has it that young lovers met on late summer nights in the pistachio grove, hoping it was the night that the nuts had reached perfect maturity. If they sat beneath the trees and listened to the sound of the pistachio shells bursting open, it would bestow upon their love the multiple blessings of good fortune, happiness and abundance. Dumante has embraced this history, presenting their exceptional liqueur in an elegant glass bottle decorated with an ancient mystical fertility symbol.

Although Dumante is delicious when sipped and savored, its distinctive flavor adds a unique twist to both classic and modern cocktails. It's excellent when mixed with coffee or espresso, and is delightful when drizzled over desserts or baked into cakes and pies. Enjoy!

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