Friday, June 15, 2012

Karlsson's - Vodka With Character

Although vodka is one of the best selling spirits in the world, it's has a pretty bad reputation among bar owners and cocktail enthusiasts. Even though, by definition, vodka is supposed to be a neutral spirit, it's been heavily criticized for its lack of aroma and flavor.

Then along comes Karlsson's - a handcrafted small-batch vodka boasting outstanding character and exceptional smoothness. While some may have berated the release of YET ANOTHER vodka, just one sip of Karlsson's put them all to shame.

Developed by Börje Karlsson, the man behind mega brand Absolut Vodka, Karlsson's Gold is meticulously handcrafted from virgin new potatoes from Cape Bjäre of Southern Sweden. After three years of experimenting with different potato strains, the final recipe was decided upon - Karlsson's Gold would be distilled from seven different varieties of new-potatoes: Solist, Pricess, Gammel Svensk Röd, Hamlet, St. Thora, Marine and Celine. By distilling each strain only once, then expertly blending them together, Karlsson was able to preserve the natural characteristics of the ingredients.

Karlsson took this concept even further with the release of his vintage vodka. He believes that potatoes for vodka should be treated like grapes for wine, carefully selected to form a unique flavor base that varies from harvest to harvest, year to year. Karlsson's has been creating vintage vodka in very limited quantities for years and has recently launched Karlsson's Batch 2008 Vintage Vodka - a single-varietal, single-batch vodka crafted from the 2008 harvest of the Gammel Svensk Röd potato. Warmer temperatures in 2008 resulted in a more flavorful new potato harvest, yielding a bold, peppery vodka with distinctive notes of earth, mineral and potato on the nose and palate. Only 1,980 individually numbered bottles were produced.

Karlsson's Vodka is a truly innovative brand that has given the world the opportunity to rediscover vodka.  They are also giving some of the most inventive, creative mind the opportunity to partner with the company so their raw, unfinished projects can be completed. This program, called UNFILTERED, was born from the belief that the best ideas should be left unfiltered, and aims to champion uncompromised creativity at its purest. Click here to learn more about UNFILTERED, check out some of the upcoming collaborators, and submit your own project idea!

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