Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Four C’s of Corrected Coffee.

By Warren Bobrow, Cocktail Whisperer

Coffee, Calvados. Carpano and Creole Bitters. 
The Four C’s of Corrected Coffee. 

I have an apology to make.  For all of you who get up and go directly into work in the morning, I’m sorry.  Why? Because day drinking, especially morning drinking is one of my favorite jobs and you cannot do this is you work in an office. 

With the responsibility of being a spirits, food and wine writer- comes the task of editorializing the myriad of spirits that arrive at my door.  Sometimes daily.  That means getting up early and sipping.  Certainly not drinking because that would make for a very short day.  I’d be asleep by noon!

But sipping a morning cocktail disguised as a cup of coffee is something else entirely.  Something supernatural… It’s something luscious and dare I say erotic. 

You see, if we were in France- that we are not- but you get the idea that I’m trying to extrapolate here, drinking something like Calvados in the morning is very much an integral part of their social thread.  The older the men in the village- you do live in a small village, don’t you? The more likely they are to drink Calvados in the morning.  What is wrong with that?  Nothing at all!

They call this correcting the coffee and I’m all for it.  There is nothing like it for making that evening buzz from the night prior, extending well into the next day.  You see the art of drinking is more than just drinking; it’s part of the cultural heritage of a place.  We’ve lost that in our country.  If you are correcting your coffee at dawn you’re part of a very small number of people left in the world who agree with this action. 

That’s why I have a plan for you.  It involves a series of ingredients.  Don’t worry, there really isn’t a whole lot of alcohol in this morning drink, but what there is will catch up with you in a hurry if you’re not careful so you must set aside at least a few hours in the morning to really enjoy what I’m sharing with you. 

You see, I’m a professional.  When you are running with the bulls first thing in the morning it’s essential to not worry about who or what you will bump into along the way.   I think life is like that too.  Something about sensuality and flavor of these ingredients that are fortunate to unlock the keys that wind Big Ben. 

Calvados has a rich history of flavor that goes back hundreds of years.  Calvados is not like Cognac.  Cognac is made from grapes and Calvados is made of apples.  These are not your usual apple pie, sweet variety of apples, but they are apples that are extremely tart and some are almost bitter in their unique approach to taste.  Their texture is crisp against the tooth and overall they lend themselves well to the art of distillation.  Daron Calvados Fine Pays d'Auge, available at DrinkupNY is just irresistible when mixed with Carpano Antica Vermouth and good, strong black coffee. 

Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth is one of my very favorite Vermouth on the market.  The thickly textured sweet flavor is tempered somewhat by deeper notes of candied fruits and spices.  There are notes of saddle leather, Belgian Chocolate and freshly crushed mountain herbs in every sip.  Carpano Antica was made for pleasure and drinking a slug of it along with your Calvados and coffee is a fine way to begin your day.  Plus there is enough sweetness in every sip to more than add enough sugar- you won’t need to add any simple syrup to the drink. 
There are a couple of thing you need to do first when combining flavors of this high quality.  The first is to pre-heat your coffee mug and make sure that it is a good heavy weight ceramic one.

Many of my fabulous drinks need a bit of bitter to offset the sweet.  Balance is essential in these concoctions.  The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters seem to set your sails into the correct direction.  I’m hoping the wind will be favorable for your flavor driven trip down memory lane.  Just make sure that the waves don’t crash into your face!

Might Have Been A Flight of Fancy

2 oz. Daron Calvados Fine Pays d'Auge
1 oz. Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth
4 oz. Hot Black Coffee- extra strong please (no Dunkin’ Donuts quality please!)
4 shakes Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

Preheat your coffee mug with boiling hot water- set aside for a few minutes to heat
Pour out the boiling water
Add the Daron Calvados Fine Pays d'Auge
Add the Carpano Antica Formula
Add the Coffee
Adjust the sweetness if needed with sugar
Dot the Bitter Truth Bitters over the top for BALANCE… 


Cheers from DrinkUpNY!

About Warren Bobrow
Author of: Apothecary Cocktails-Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today- Fair Winds Press- Beverly, Massachusetts. Apothecary Cocktails was nominated for a Spirited Award, 2014 Tales of the Cocktail.  His forthcoming book, Whiskey Cocktails will be released October 14.  Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails follow with publication in spring ’15.  Warren is a master mixologist for several craft liquor companies.

Warren consults about mixology and spirits, travel, organic wine and food.  He’s written for web-blogs and magazines like: Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods: Dark Rye, Distiller, Total Food Service Magazine, Beverage Media Group, DrinkupNY, Edible Publications, Foodista, Serious Eats, Mechanics of Style and Beekman1802.  He was in the Saveur-100 in 2010.

Warren is a former, mostly self, trained cook from the pot sink on up.  J&W and ACF were thrown in for good luck.  Warren was the former owner/co-founder of Olde Charleston Pasta in South Carolina: *Dissolved his business after Hurricane Hugo in 1989* - to a career in private banking, (nearly 20 years; “a very grand mistake”) to this reinvention in 2009 as the Warren he's finally become.

Warren is available to do highly personalized, interactive mixology events, local, national and international.

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